"So Much To Do About Nothing"
Storyline Arc The Shrouded Isles (arc)
Number of EP 22
Date of Release May 13, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier, Kyl'il, Dont (heard)
Location The Shrouded Isles
"So Much To Do About Nothing" is the tenth episode of The Shrouded Isles (arc). The four go back to Kinir with the innocent spiritfolk, earning Kyl'il's trust and the Light of Shrouds. They go back to Ishir through a Gate of Clouds that Dont opens.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Relieved to leave the dreary Azhel, the group crosses the bridge once again along with the three spiritfolk, who continue talking amongst themselves. They arrive at the fire spiritfolk's house on Kinir and (after she sets Kier on fire and he runs off) show her the freed spiritfolk.

She greets Renether, the red spirit and they chat for a while, him revealing her name is Kyl'il. Renether gives praise to the trio, though mainly to Markus, because he was the one to free the spiritfolk. Kyl'il is still doubtful, but upon noticing Orien gave the old Warden's cloak to Markus, says that she deems the three 'acceptable'.

She gives them the Light of Shrouds - the lantern of solid light that is to guide them through the Prison of Lights. She warns them again of its danger and tells them the creature within the Prison used to be a great leader of spiritfolk, but they wished to continue the human-spiritfolk conflict when others did not. A coup was staged and the human Warden at the time - incidentally, the one Orien knew - helped bind them. She tells them not to fight it and just run, should they encounter it.

Suddenly, they all hear a loud sound. Kyl'il sighs and walks out of her house to the next one, which is completely empty. The three follow, Kier as well (albeit very carefully). A crack opens up in the wall, and they hear Dont's voice from the other side, attempting to open a passage to Kinir. Kyl'il asks the group whether she should stabilise it to help her get through, since she isn't very fond of Dont. They persuade her to and a sudden gust of strong wind blows though the room, sending Markus flying.

Ashe asks Kyl'il where the Gate leads; she shrugs. She figures Dont probably wants the group to go to her and she bids them goodbye, going back to her house. The four step into the portal.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus introduces himself not as 'Markus Velafi', but 'Markus Tannhauser Velafi' to Kyl'il.
  • Orien and the old human Warden were very good friends, hence why Orien kept the only thing left after him - the cloak.
  • Narn appears in this episode, watching Kyl'il and the group in her house through the window from outside. They later join them while they watch Dont open the Cloud Gate to Kinir and watch them depart through it.

Quotes Edit

  • Kier: "So, that Markus fellow, is he a wizard or something?"
  • Ashe: "Uh, apparently. Calls himself one, everybody else seems to call him one. Must make him a wizard."
  • Gregor: "And he does that magic stuff a lot."
  • Ashe: "Yeah- can't get him to stop, actually."

  • Markus: "So, as you can see, I'm pretty great."

  • Gregor: "You're implying that we need a lantern to find out way through the Prison of Lights?"
  • Ashe: "Gregor, you bring up a point. Not a good one, but a point."

  • Markus: "Kier, you should leave before you're substantially more on fire than right now."
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