"So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Began
Number of EP 12
Date of Release Feb 25, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Colfus, Sir Dunstan, Verne
Location Altreia
"So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance" is the eighth and final episode of The Adventure Began. A stranger with an apprentice who has been making the rabid golems appears and confronts Markus, ultimately making all the created automatons want to end him. Ashe manages to heal Gregor and the group make their escape on Thog's boat, leaving Colfus, Sir Dunstan and Altreia behind.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Markus, now outside to defend the building, sees two men, one hooded, the other unmasked, arguing behind a wall of rabid golems. They're talking about 'replacing the citizens of the country with flesh-eating golems', which is apparently something that is already in effect.

Markus throws an Eldritch Blast, aiming for one of the golems in front of the unhooded man. He notices and calls in more golems, to which Markus responds by blowing another golem's head off. The man asks him what kind of a magician he is and Markus tells him to figure it out himself. After being taunted by the stranger, Markus lobs an imp at him, but he slings his hooded companion in the way, getting him closer to the tiefling in the process.

He takes this opportunity to hypnotize the hooded figure, thinking this will get the golems off his tail. Unfortunately, they were not controlled by him at all, and even try to consume him right then. The unhooded man offers Markus a deal; if he can defeat 'his servant's filigree', he'll be accepted as a replacement. Markus scoffs at the man thinking him merely a magician and introduces himself as a sorcelock.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Colfus brings Ashe another vat of Aeos as she concentrates on stitching up Gregor's wound. She exclaims the procedure is starting to work, but it's at the expense of the skin of her own arms burning away slowly. She then yells at Colfus to just bring her all the vats.

Back outside, Markus attempts to control the hooded man once more, suggesting to him that he rally his golems, as they're simply running around orderless. The man does so, channeling Aeos, his eyes glowing, concentrating extremely on controlling the immense amount of golems. Seeing this, Markus decides to snap him out of the trance so that nothing happens to him and the man stops. The other stranger, however, orders him to continue and says all he needs to do is to tell the golems to 'kill the blond-haired sorcelock'. The servant continues, concentrating even more that before, Aeos physically pouring out of his body.

Inside, Ashe, arms burnt severely by the healing process, asks Gregor through gritted teeth about his state. Speaking through a mouth full of foam, he answers he actually feels good. A rattling explosion occurs afterwards and Ashe tells him to go and help Markus, which he does.

The tiefling welcomes the warblade back. We find out the explosion was caused by the hooded man - that is, he exploded. As all the golems have their heads turned to Markus, attention focused on him, it appears he was successful in ordering them to hunt him down before this. His master isn't pleased by Gregor's presence and attempts to cast some sort of spell on him, but it fails. His second try doesn't succeed either, so he turns to leave after assuring Markus that the 'trial' will continue in the future and introducing himself as Verne Matimel. Markus does the same and promises he'll look forward to this.

Meanwhile, golems mob Gregor, who has no trouble cutting them down at the present. Markus, seeing the absurd amount of golems pooling in from the gate, yells at Ashe to help. She stumbles out of the door and upon seeing the mass of rabid golems, suggests they run away - or at least, announces she is going to. She notices a strange ball of energy behind Markus' head, however; when she tries to rip it away, her hand passes through, momentarily connecting her to all the rabid golems which are all attempting to get to Markus and kill him.

She bewilderedly drags Markus off, Sir Dunstan jumping into the fray of golems and retrieving Gregor. They all run away, Ashe informing them that it's Markus specifically they want and leading them to the ocean, where she presumes they'll be safe. As they run, they notice an unnecessarily huge golem on their trail.

They arrive to the ocean at last, unexpectedly finding Thog and a pair of his bodyguards there, the large golem still in pursuit. He begins a sentence, but is cut off by Ashe and told that they're taking his boat. The golem steps onto the pier and Markus sends an Eldritch Blast under its feet, then casting Mending as it falls into the water.

They get on the boat, Thog leaving his bodyguards behind. Colfus and Sir Dunstan also stay, saying their goodbyes to the group and assuming battle stance. Thog steers the boat towards his ship and the episode ends as Markus sees his future self standing on the pier, giving him a thumbs-up.

Trivia Edit

  • The exact spell Verne was trying to cast on Gregor is unknown, but it's been said by Jay that it has something to do with Gregor possessing a 'sad, hidden talent'.

Quotes Edit

  • Verne: "You seem to have a predilection for these..sentient snowballs. Be you some sort of snow magician? Perhaps a..mudslinger?"
  • Markus: I'm gonna throw this imp directly at his face.

  • Ashe: "Stop crying!"
  • Gregor: whining "I'm not crying, that's blood!"

  • Gregor: "Guess who's back!"
  • Markus: "Gregor, it's good to see you."
  • Gregor: "Good to see you too, Momkus. Markus."
  • Markus: "What?"
  • Gregor: "Hm? Golems!"
  • Markus: "..yes. Golems."

  • Gregor: "So, uh. How many of these did you say would be coming?"
  • Markus: "Too many."
  • Gregor: "Hmm. Sounds like that could be too many."
  • Markus: snickering "Yes."

  • Ashe: "Thog, is this your boat?"
  • Thog: "Yeah, so I assume you guys are-"
  • Ashe: "We're taking it."
  • Thog: "..what."
  • Ashe: I jump into Thog's boat.

  • Gregor: distressed "Sir Dunstan!"
  • Sir Dunstan: "Remember, Gregor. You've always gotta..DREAM BIG!"
  • GM: Dunstan poses.
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