"Message in a Bottle Episode"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Began
Number of EP 6
Date of Release Jan 17, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Captain Aftin, Buddy
Location Alaran

"Message in a Bottle Episode" is the second episode of The Adventure Began. The trio meets their buyer, a paladin from Altreia and is teleported there.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Ashe being dragged away from the court room into what the guards call a 'mage cage'. She notices the cage's bars appear to be made of jagged wood and asks Gregor for assistance in braking them. He obviously refuses.

Markus, leaned against the wall, is trying to create a spark with his fingers, but as he isn't succeeding in doing so, he figures he is unable to perform magic in the cell. Ashe examines the bars, finding out they really are just wood and Markus gets up, pressing his ear to them to find out if he can hear anything from the other side. The bars react to him, making him stick to their surface and sapping his energy.

Not too long afterwards, Thog arrives, informing the group the verdict was not in their favour and that they'll be sold as apprentices to a paladin from Altreia. He goes on to say the paladin order is on a holy quest, briefly pauses to kick the bars and free Markus from them and continues, noting that if the trio complete the quest, they'll earn their freedom. Ashe points out Thog described the paladin they'll be sold to as 'creepy' and 'drunk' and he admits the order isn't exactly what one would expect and that while the Alarani have sold multiple slaves to the leader before, the quest still isn't completed. He then leaves, saying he'll send the paladin himself in soon.

The group sits down and talks for a while, until they hear metal, clanking footsteps making their way towards their cell. It's the leader and his golem guards, followed by Thog. He introduces himself as Captain Aftin, head of the Varyndir paladins. He explains the three have to sign a contract before they're let out of the cage, so that it doesn't look like slavery, and Thog goes on to hand them said contracts. After skimming the pages, Ashe wonders aloud who the Alarani are even trying to hide the fact they sell slaves from, Thog answering that it's simply so anyone who disapproves of it doesn't get involved in their business. Markus licks the contract, his name appearing on it, Gregor signs it in his blood and Ashe gets hers signed in Gregor's blood as well. Thog collects them and leaves, wishing the group good luck.

Aftin informs them they'll be searching for the head of Varyndir, a golem who they worship, so that it can tell them who's most fit to be king of Altreia. The head was separated from the body a thousand years ago because Varyndir was, as a whole, very irritating. He continues, stating the three of them aren't considered paladin apprentices yet, because they have to be taught the art of making golems or filigree, as one of the golems corrects him.

Ashe is bewildered at the sight of a talking golem and it states it's 'grateful to expand her worldview'. She has trouble telling whether or not that was sarcasm and is informed that golems, as a whole, lack emotions. Aftin expands on this, remarking golems don't usually even talk, but then tells the three it's time for them to teleport to Altreia. He gives them a gear, instructing them to throw it on the ground and Markus obliges. It expands outward, trapping the group in it and then contracts, teleporting them in a flash.

Trivia Edit

  • Ashe attains level 2 in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • GM: How many trees have you felt in the past, Ashe?
  • Ashe: A very large number of trees. And a very large number of fake trees, too.


  • Ashe: "Gregor you wanna give this a shot?"
  • Gregor: "Give what a shot?" You notice he's made at least 40 chalk tally marks on the wall
  • Ashe: "It looks like it's just wood"
  • Gregor: "Ohhhh.... you don't know my thing about jail"


  • Markus: Snapping his fingers trying to get flame
  • Gregor: "You didn't bring a harmonica or anything?"
  • Markus: "Why would I bring a harmonica?"
  • Gregor: "Well if we're gonna start a prison band..."
  • Markus: "Good point"


  • Markus: "What fucked up glue did you put on this?!"


  • Thog: "You'd be surprised how often diplomas get eaten here in Alaran, it's a common tactic. I was surprised that Markus knew the oldest trick in the book."

  • Markus: "So, would you say we're being sold as high-class prostitutes? Could we classify ourselves as ladies of the night, or is this more of a..uh..lower-end situation?"
  • Ashe: "I don't know if we're being sold as, uh.."
  • Thog: "Does anyone know what he's talking about?"
  • Ashe: I push Markus' face further into the bars.


  • Ashe: "I don't think we're being sold as prostitutes"
  • Gregor: "We're being sold as prostitutes?"
  • Ashe: "I said I don't think we're being sold as prostitutes!"
  • Gregor: "Why did you bring it up then?"

  • Ashe: "Why would you like to free us?"
  • Thog: "You're an exploitable resource."
  • Ashe: "Ah. Okay. Right."
  • Gregor: "Everybody seems to say that about me.."

  • Markus: "You always know what to expect from Thog. Bullshit."

  • Thog: "Yeah, say hello to the nice..paladin, guys.." mumbling "..he'll be buying your contract.."

  • Gregor: whispering "Don't say that around Thog, he loses money!"
  • GM: Thog nods and flashes Gregor a begrudging thumbs-up.

  • Ashe: I start leafing through the contract.
  • GM: It's an extended description of your exact role with the paladins of Varyndir. Most of it is just Alarani ass-covering, you know, just..extended clauses specifically on the fact that they aren't selling slaves, are you crazy, we're not selling slaves, look at all these great clauses we have, who's gonna read the fine print?

  • Gregor: I hand Thog the contract, now covered in many bloody thumbprints.
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