"Let's Play House, Let's Play Doctor"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Began
Number of EP 11
Date of Release Feb 18, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Colfus, Sir Dunstan
Location Altreia
"Let's Play House, Let's Play Doctor" is the seventh episode of The Adventure Began. A month after the previous episode, Markus wakes up and helps Ashe get Gregor to an Aeos farm, which she can use to heal his wound completely.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with a view of a surreal landscape in which Markus is wandering. On a platform, he encounters his future self, who advises him to listen to his 'spirit Sherpa' and then disappears in a puff of smoke. The Sherpa, appearing behind Markus, says that in order to leave the landscape, Markus only has to believe. The tiefling considers it for a moment and then walks off the platform.

He wakes up in the basement of Fort Vilebrand, recognising Sir Dunstan standing guard opposite of him. Upon noticing Markus is awake, the golem sprints off and up the stairs, excitedly yelling along the way. He soon returns, Ashe (also yelling, albeit angrily) slung over his shoulder. He puts her down in front of Markus, who appears to still be in a bit of a haze and she, thinking he's just hallucinating again, tries to tuck him back into the sleeping bag.

Markus protests, asking how long he's been asleep, to which Ashe responds that he hasn't really been sleeping, but wandering around and trying to talk to objects for about a month. She remarks he seems awake now and asks him whether he knows who she is, where and who he is and what's happened. Markus confirms this to her relief, and asks her in disbelief if it's really been a whole month and what's even happened while he was out.

They walk up to the main hall while Ashe explains she had to look after him the entire time and that she put Gregor into a 'safety coma', since she wasn't able to repair his wound. They walk to the fire pit and Colfus hands Markus a ball of twine, calling him 'Your Chancellorship'. Ashe assures him that Markus is now fully awake. The latter asks the paladin about Sir Dunstan and he explains the golem serves him now and seems quite happy in the fort.

Ashe and Markus walk over to Gregor, still laying on the table. They observe he's still not doing too great. After a small discussion, Ashe clarifies that her healing, which usually keeps wounds closed at least for a while, isn't doing so for Gregor. She points out the problem might be her not being able to conjure enough of her own magic and says that Colfus knows of an Aeos farm nearby, which could help. She also says the area has become completely infested with rabid golems, so they'll have to fend those off on the way to the farm. Gregor gets up, helped by Markus. Ashe asks Colfus to come along and he agrees to, bringing Sir Dunstan as well.

On the way, they encounter two golems in the process of devouring a corpse. Ashe ambushes the first one while Markus blasts the other one's head off with and Eldritch Blast. Gregor also attacks the second one and thankfully, no harm comes to him. They arrive at the farm's gate and let Sir Dunstan plow through it, attempting to close it back up afterwards. As they do this, they notice a golem staring at them in the trees. It doesn't look feral, but Ashe utters that 'they all start like that'.

They enter the farm building to see five giant vats filled with Aeos. Ashe clears the table that is there as well and Gregor collapses on top of it. Colfus then helps get the vats near the table, while Ashe prevents Markus from drinking any of the Aeos.

Suddenly, they hear a smash from the outside. Markus exclaims he'll defend and Ashe hurries off to Gregor, pushing him down onto the table and, after letting him know the whole process is going to hurt, begins to collect the Aeos in her hands and then forcing it into the wound. She does so with one vat and then begins to collect the energy from the other one as well, much to Gregor's dismay.

Trivia Edit

  • Thanks to solo experience, Ashe achieves level 4 in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Markus: "Huh. Out of the surreal frying pan that is my mind into some sort of fire."

  • Sir Dunstan: putting Ashe down "Delivered as pro-mised!"

  • Ashe: "Wait. Okay. How many fingers am I holding up?" I don't hold up any.
  • Markus: "Uhh, at least four, but less than..six?"

  • Ashe: "What's your name?"
  • Markus: I stick out my hand. "Markus Velafi!"
  • Ashe: "Okay, well, that's a start. Last time I asked you that you said 'The Imperatrix of the Seventh Kingdom'."

  • Markus: "Is he..still in the safety coma?"
  • Ashe: "Oh, yeah, I keep hitting him with a stick everytime he wakes up."

  • Markus: walks up to Gregor "Hey, buddy, how're you doing?"
  • Gregor: hazily "..poppa?" pauses "..ohhh no, momma's here with the stick.."
  • Markus: turns to Ashe "Ashe.."
  • Ashe: "What?" I put the stick down.

  • Ashe: "There's one thing, a little bit of payment for, um, you know, me watching over you for entire month. I just want to level this here so it doesn't bother anybody, like get the payment right out of the-" I hit you right across the face with the stick.

  • Ashe: I step aside. "Dunsta-"
  • Sir Dunstan: "WHA-POW!"
  • GM: He kicks through the gate.

  • Gregor: "Guys..? I'm beginning to suspect that one of us, among us, is themselves a golem."
  • Markus: I stare at Gregor and then turn to Sir Dunstan and then turn back to Gregor.

  • Ashe: "Yes, again! We're going to do this until it sticks!"
  • Gregor: whining "Enough with the sticks.."
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