"Knockin' on Death's Door"
Storyline Arc Dealing with Death
Number of EP 33
Date of Release Jul 29, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier, Dont (heard), Kyl'il (heard), Thog (heard)
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Knockin' on Death's Door" is the fourth episode of Dealing with Death. Defeating the inky monsters, the group climbs the mountain, encouraged to finish the task by the voices of their friends.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Conveniently enough, Gregor's death last episode causes him to appear as a ghost to the rest of the group. He attacks the cloaked creature, dispelling its blue shield.

Ashe strikes at the creature that wounded Kier while Markus conjures a blast of energy and throws it at the newly unshielded one. He then sics an imp on it, taking out his fife and playing it for the duration of the imp's assault (much to the chagrin of his teammates).

One of the lesser creatures throws another magic blast at Markus - he stands his ground and is wounded, but not dead. The other one channels the same spell and this time, both Markus and Ashe manage to dodge.

Kier gives Markus an experimental bomb. Ashe and Gregor, in the meantime, destroy the formerly cloaked creature. To free up his hands and cast an Eldritch Blast, Markus carelessly throws the bomb behind himself. It explodes, propelling him forward - the force of his Eldritch Blast then throws him up into the air. He lands on a gravestone, gravely wounded but not yet dead.

Gregor slashes another one of the monsters in two. He gets the other's attention so that Ashe can run over to Markus and heal him. Seeing his state, she is about to suggest that he simply die and then reincarnate immediately afterwards (as there is a bell in the cemetery), but Markus is two steps ahead, Eldritch Blasting himself in the head. He revives himself, runs over to the last monster and Eldritch Blasts it in the face. Gregor revives himself shortly afterwards as well.

The group arrives at the base of the mountain, right in front of a large staircase leading up. After a while, a loud ringing sound forces them to stop. Kier excitedly exclaims that the spiritfolk back at Ishir must have learnt how to use the 'projection device' he invented. Dont's voice is heard, and she says she and all of the spiritfolk are rooting for the group. Markus' two thug friends, Kyl'il and Thog speak to them as well, cheering them on.

Kier pouts about nobody encouraging him, but the all Markus, Ashe and Gregor reassure him he's a valuable member of the team. They all continue on.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus reaches level 6 in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: I glance worriedly at the device Kier lobbed to Gregor.
  • GM: It's sitting on the ground. It whirrs menacingly.
  • Ashe: shudders

  • GM: Gregor, you feel compelled to rest eternally.

  • Gregor: I lower down on my haunches, taking the wiggly stance of the Elusive Clam.

  • GM: Your glaive plows through the creature.
  • Gregor: Like so much spaghetti..
  • Ashe: What..?

  • Kier: "It's okay, I am a trained nurse."
  • Markus: "What'd you train on?"
  • Kier: "Myself, mostly."

  • Ashe: "Notice that he did it before I was able to stop him."
  • Gregor: "That seems to be the trick!"

  • GM: Finally, another voice chimes in.
  • Thog: "Ashe."
  • Ashe: "Oh, gods."
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