"Kiss it Better"
Storyline Arc Dealing with Death
Number of EP 36
Date of Release Aug 19, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier, Yoroch, Charoth
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Kiss it Better" is the seventh episode of Dealing with Death. Markus and Ashe conduct a play in Talthir's theatre, pacifying Charoth. They make their way back to Kinir on a boat.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The message now relayed to Charoth, Ashe exits from her trance. The group leave the shrine to make their way to the stage, hastening their pace as they realize Charoth is chasing them.

They find Yoroch still sitting in the theatre, the death god still in pursuit. Markus and Ashe begin the play while Gregor and Kier hold him off. Yoroch boosts their voices' volume with magic so that Charoth can hear them as well.

The play is a tragic tale of two lovers, one of whom - Ashe - is dying from a terminal disease. The two are.. not great actors, but manage get the central message across well enough, making (who is thrown on the stage by Charoth) Gregor Markus' new love with whom he can be happy once again.

They end the play hastily, as Charoth chases Kier all the way to the stage. Ashe addresses him, saying that death is natural for humans and that it's selfish for the death god to try and keep Kier's father from passing on. As Gregor's injuries are getting worse and worse, she quickly heals him behind the wall of the stage so that Charoth doesn't see. Markus also speaks to the spiritfolk, saying that 'old people must die for the young to flourish'.

Ashe then approaches the god, telling him that they've all lost people in attempt to comfort him. It appears to work, as Charoth transforms into a small humanoid form. Markus pulls him, Ashe and Gregor into a group hug. Ashe climbs back onto the stage and heals Kier, who was also harmed in the earlier skirmish.

Gregor takes the opportunity to try and kill Charoth, as he still believes he should be held responsible for the deaths he's caused. Ashe stops him with her summoned hand of stone - were it not for Markus casting Reduce Person on Gregor, she would have hurt him severely. She picks Charoth up, remarking Gregor is lucky. He responds in a similar manner, asking her if she's going to be there to save the spiritfolk all his life. They begin arguing and Markus leaves them to look for Kier, who's snuck off to the shore.

Realizing they can now enter the water, Markus and Kier jump in the sea and swim around - that is, Kier does. Markus mostly flails. Ashe and Gregor pull them out and Kier says he cut the rope of a 'getaway boat' that was hidden under the bridge. He tells the three to get on the boat, which they do, and they row back to Kinir.

Trivia Edit

  • The entire play sequence is a parody of kiss scenes in anime - the art style even changes to match, giving Markus and Ashe large, exaggerated eyes and having petals floating past them.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: I hesitate for a moment, but then reach out and grab Markus, with both hands.
  • Markus: I kind of, very slowly place my hands on Ashe's face?

  • GM: With the sound of a brutal impact, Gregor whizzes over the pair.
  • Ashe: I glance at Gregor. -whispering- "Roll with it, roll with it, roll with it, roll with it! This is your new love!"
  • Gregor: Gregor does not roll with it. He collapses.

  • Markus: "Hello. My name is-" long pause
  • GM: Sheer terror runs through Markus' face-
  • Markus: -sweat runs down Markus' brow, "..Raaaank."

  • Markus: "Shhh, more hugs, more power."
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