"Just Dessert"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Begins
Number of EP 4
Date of Release Dec 31, 2013
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Guildmaster, Old Inny
Location Alaran

"Just Dessert" is the fourth and final episode of The Adventure Begins. The group engages the monster, accidentally summoning its master after defeating it. They manage to kill it as well, but are ordered to be taken to prison by the Alarani guildmaster as this makes them too strong to be considered human.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Locked in combat now, Gregor thrusts his glaive into the monster's mouth. It swings its drum at him in response, but misses. Ashe slices through its leg, noticing its flesh isn't made of skin and muscle, but rather some soft, mushy material. Markus, attempting to punt one of his imps towards the creature, accidentally kicks the actor's head off instead, sending it flying over Ashe and Gregor's heads.

Gregor, assuming the stance of Clarity, reads the creature's life history, and surprisedly exclaims it used to be human, confirming this is the adventurer who won the Drum of the Destroyer. He then proceeds to deliver the fatal blow to it, knocking the artifact out of its hands. Ashe eyes it warily as it hits the ground, wondering if it's truly dead. To be certain, Markus blasts it with energy, detonating it in a splash of gore as Ashe goes to retrieve the Drum.

She shakes the intestines out of the Drum and asks Markus to destroy them as well. He does so, but instead of vanishing, the pile of guts appears to be energized and it begins to take form of a flesh golem of sorts. It shouts it has been 'woken up too early', 'composed of cheap materials' and mentions someone named Thaddius - the ghoul from before. It yearns for revenge for its 'disciple' and crashes into Markus, aiming to decapitate him with its bladed arms. Ashe runs forward and ducks Markus' head, also colliding with him and sending them both rolling into Gregor.

They tumble away and Markus beckons his second imp over, commanding it to pester the monstrosity. He also enlarges Gregor, whom Ashe runs a guidance through after telling him to go kill the monster. Gregor obliges, running to it and kicking it in the face. However, he shrinks right after. Markus, shouting at the imp to go for the eyes, throws an Eldritch Blast on the creature, but misses. Gregor slashes at its legs, for which it doesn't care and it slaps him away in retaliation.

Ashe runs and hides behind the plinth to check on Gregor, leaving Markus to fend off the creature by himself. He casts Darkness dramatically, unable to do anything else. Gregor gets up and taunts the monster, getting its attention. He then leaps towards it, piercing it perfectly, flying through the wound. The creature runs, stomping over the plinth and crashing into Ashe, sending her flying into the inn's front wall. She gets up and enters the inn, getting a cup of alcohol only to bring it to Markus, asking him to do something with it, as it's highly explosive.

He throws it at the monstrosity, igniting the liquid shortly afterwards. It explodes and dies. Thog congratulates the group. In the midst of retrieving the Drum, the guildmaster appears, preventing her from doing so. He calls in the narrator as Thog leaves. The narrator is astonished they managed to get rid of the problem, and points out that the fact they did so makes them 'unearthly'. The three notice some guards closing in from behind the two men. The narrator continues, saying that they'll have to take the group in to 'ask them a few questions'.

Markus, taking a hint, runs, followed shortly by Ashe and Gregor. They run to a house, but forget to watch the windows and the guards capture Gregor. Markus attempts to hide in a pile of dirt, but is found - Ashe dashes into the inn through a window, yelling at Thog for not warning them about this. He, though shocked, manages to duck her blade and throw her out of the inn through the hole Markus crashed in before. Outside, she is surrounded by guards, Gregor telling her it's better to just give up. The guards eventually overpower her and carry her off kicking and screaming. The screen pans out as the theme plays.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode features dice rolls prominently.
  • This is the first episode in which the early version of the Thrilling Intent theme plays.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: I feel the tidal wave of goop wash against my back as I'm walking towards the drum. I slowly turn around and lock my eyes with Markus. I don't say a word.
  • Markus: I wink.

  • Ashe: I take a step back, sizing up the horrid monstrosity before us. I look up at Gregor and attempt to advise him as best I can. "Go kill it."
  • Gregor: "Okay! that all?"

  • Ashe: Where does the creature's attention currently lie?
  • GM: Uh, on you.
  • Ashe: Great! Oh, that's fantastic.

  • Markus: I step forward, leisurely, locks swishing ever-so-slightly in the wind. "You've picked the wrong people to mess with." I raise my hand and all around me the light dims and becomes murky, sunshine noticeably obscured as my eyes glint menacingly. -pauses dramatically- Yeah, I'm done, that's all I've got.
  • GM: Well, on the upside, they can't see your tears as the creature approaches.

  • Gregor: on the plinth "Hey, tall, dark and ugly!"
  • GM: The creature turns, Markus turns, you notice behind the buildings, the guildmaster turns and behind you Thog turns and looks at you.
  • Gregor: "I-uh, I-I'm gonna-, y- oof, a lot of pressure all of a it hot in here? Uh-I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

  • GM: You do trip, magnificently. You're airborne, glorious posture, one knee raised. -angelic choir- You rise, glaive piercing the creature, followed shortly by your entire body.

  • Gregor: "Don't worry, it can't get far. I've got at least three hearts in my hands."


  • GM: You slam into the door, blood seeping from your mouth.
  • Ashe: I cover my mouth with my hand before Thog can see me.
  • Thog: "Uh huh, so uhh..."
  • Ashe: "Eat a dick! Say not one word!"


  • Ashe: I toss the gore off of me, and push the bar door open and enter.
  • Thog: "Not the time to be getting drunk--"
  • Ashe: "I said, eat a dick!"

  • Ashe: "Markus, do you need a handkerchief?"
  • Markus: "Nope, I'm good."
  • Ashe: "That's good because it's covered in blood."
  • GM: Thog walks up from behind you, Ashe, takes the last bit of alcohol-
  • Thog: mumbling "I'm gonna need this."
  • GM: -and walks away.


  • Markus: "It was a combination of--"
  • Gregor: "Strength, skill, brains,... Ashe, and..."
  • Ashe: "Thanks."

  • Gregor: "I fought a tornado once."

  • Markus: "Well, now that I can see what exactly you're getting at, I'll tell you what I told the Dowager Empress Panhaltennak when she tried to have me executed for crimes against the realm." pauses dramatically "You'll have to catch me first."

  • Gregor: "You'll never take Gregor, the-man-who-almost-killed-a-tornado!"
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