"Idiot, Devil, Drunkard"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Begins
Number of EP 1
Date of Release Dec 10, 2013
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Guildmaster
Location Alaran
"Idiot, Devil, Drunkard" is the pilot episode of Thrilling Intent and the first episode of The Adventure Begins. We are introduced to the main characters of Thrilling Intent as they team up to defeat a monster that has been killing off adventurers.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with a narrator introducing us to The Free Isles and stating that many have come here seeking adventure, to make their mark upon the world. The screen cuts to a room in which we see four men seated on benches watching three other men in front of them, one of those being Thog. Another of the trio, sporting a red hat, asks for applause for the narrator's introduction speech and welcomes the audience to Meadshire, a town in Alaran, where they can enjoy a life of adventuring.

After a question from one of the four men, another asks about the deaths that have apparently been happening on the island where Meadshire is situated. The behatted man replies that they've hired a professional to take care of the cause and motions for Thog to bring him in. It's Markus Velafi, in all his glory, who, after being asked to by the red-hatted man, performs a small magic trick to hook the audience.

Markus is then led away from the room by Thog, from whom we learn that all the adventure in Meadshire practically consists of fighting underpowered, cheaply-made, fake monsters; although, people still do die to those. Thog leads Markus out of the tower they were in and they walk and talk, Thog informing Markus he's the director of Meadshire #7 and that they've lately been finding adventurers torn to pieces, which is impossible for their fake monsters to even accomplish.

He also says they've found the tiefling two companions to aid him with the quest; the first one being Gregor Hartway, who was falsely framed for murder as part of the adventuring 'program'. He was to break out of the prison when the guard falls asleep, however, unlike anyone else, he did not do so and stayed in there for three days.

To get him out, Markus asks Thog to find the actor who posed as the murder victim and then introduces himself as Markus Velafi, a lawyer to Gregor and shows him the actor, proving Gregor is innocent and making the guard release him (and take his place). He then offers Gregor the opportunity to help him kill whatever monster is killing the adventurers, which Gregor gladly accepts, and they head back to Meadshire to find their third member, which is supposed to be Aesling.

Thog leads them to the inn and waits outside. Since the duo isn't told any details about their new companion, they make the mistake of talking to an eager adventurer instead. Noticing this, Ashe taps the table she's sitting at and waves at the two, who get rid of the archer by telling her to wait by the statue of the Overlord and practice her meditation while they gather supplies. After she runs off, they talk to Ashe, who works as a cartographer for Meadshire #7.

On the way out of the bar, she informs them the monster is located in the mines in the north and that it's killed many adventurers. As they head for the place, they get distracted by a seller of magic gems - that is, coloured glass, as identified by Markus, who mystifies him into believing one of the gems is incredibly powerful to get a good laugh. The episode ends as they leave Meadshire.

Trivia Edit

  • The portraits of the four men in the audience are based on the creators of Thrilling Intent, The Third Wheel - Matt, Fae, Jay and Jackson, from left to right. Fae has used her token as her twitter avatar.
  • It is the first episode to feature animation, in the narrated intro. Animation isn't used in a non-puppeted aspect until "Gather Round the Campfire" in the Dealing with Death arc.

Quotes Edit

  • Thog: "My name's Thog, by the way."
  • Markus: snickering "Thog. A lyrical name, if there ever was one."

  • Guard: clearly overacting "Oh dear, I can't believe I'm falling asleep, on the floor.."
  • Gregor: "Sir, that- that key you dropped earlier; I've still got it." He attaches the key to the guard's belt. "There, there you go. Be a little more careful with those."
  • Markus: "Such an innocent man."

  • Markus: "Is this him, Gregor?"
  • Gregor: "Th-that's him! But- I- I didn't kill him, so..I guess it makes sense that he's here."
  • Markus: "It does! Did you assume he was dead for some reason?"

  • Gregor: "I'm glad we're friends!"
  • Markus: "I'm glad we're fr- we're friends?- I'm glad we're friends too, Gregor."

  • Ashe: "You know, these adventurer types are pretty persistent. Tell her to wait and she'll probably wait until she starves."
  • Markus: "That is..dark."
  • Ashe: "It is the truth."

  • Ashe: "I remember you, actually! You're the one that was in the jail! Oh!"
  • Gregor: "Yeah! Yeah, I killed the guy!"
  • Ashe: "No, you didn't."
  • Gregor: hastily "Allegedly!"
  • Ashe: "Yeah!"
  • Markus: "He did not actually-"
  • Ashe: "Yeah! No."
  • Gregor: "I did not."
  • Ashe: "No, I know, I know."


  • Ashe: "They have installments all over this island"
  • Gregor: "Can we go to another one?"
  • Ashe: "It's... exactly the same as here"
  • Gregor: "I know, that's why I wanna go! We can meet ourselves!"

  • Ashe: laughing "I think I'm going to enjoy travelling with you."
  • Markus: snickering "I think I'm going to enjoy being in Meadshire."
  • Gregor: "I want to kill a monster."
The Adventure Begins
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