"Halloween Special"
Storyline Arc Special Episodes
Number of EP -
Date of Release Oct 30, 2014
Appearing characters Markus, Gregor, Ashe, Thog, Dont
Location The Shrouded Isles
"SPOOKDAY! YAY SPOOKDAY! A very special Halloween episode comes your way!" - Thrilling Intent Halloween Special

Plot Synopsis Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The group (+ Dont) all have different names for this holiday; in Alaran they call it Costume Day, in Meathe they call it Spookday, Markus calls it All Hallows Steve, Gregor calls it Day of Darkness, and Dont calls it Dawn of Blood.
  • On the leveling sheets in the end of the video the names of all the characters has changed; Thog is called "Dr. Acula", Markus is called "Darkness Velafi", Gregor is called "Gregor Mortis", and Ashe is called "Monster Mashling".
    • In addition, all of the characters' classes has an added "Sexy" before their real class.

Quotes Edit

  • Gregor: It's a good thing we made the bar fire-retardant.
  • Thog: We didn't!
  • Ashe: We didn't!?
  • Gregor: But why have we been letting Kier inside then!?
  • Thog: I've been trying to get rid of him for weeks!

  • Thog: I'm honestly happy that you put out the fire, but also furious that you haven't put out the fire over there *Thog points at the frigid fire*
  • Markus: Thog, I can't just put that fire out. What do you want me to do, unleash the forces of entropy upon our universe?
  • Ashe: Every time.
  • Thog: Markus, if that's what it takes to get rid of that fire it might be worth it.

  • Gregor: You have nothing to fear but fear itself
  • Ashe: Great, thanks. Will fear itself kill us?
  • Thog: Oh yeah, big time.
  • Gregor: It could. You could get a heart attack.

  • Markus: I didn't kill anybo--- I did not kill those thugs.
  • Ashe: Your language is really specific Markus! You're saying you didn't kill them, but are they dead under the bar!?
  • Markus: I don't know!