"Group Huddle"
Storyline Arc The Shrouded Isles (arc)
Number of EP 23
Date of Release May 20, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier, Kyl'il, Dont, Thog
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Group Huddle" is the eleventh and final episode of The Shrouded Isles (arc). After speaking to Thog and Dont on Ishir, the group's only option is to go through the Prison of Lights to get to the death god's shrine.

Plot Synopsis Edit

After stepping through the Gate of Clouds and walking over a bridge high in the clouds, the four find themselves in the community centre on Ishir, the resident spiritfolk sitting around in it. Thog is also there along with his guards.

He asks the three about their progress, also informing them they managed to find the chest of gold that is to serve as their reward. The thugs tackle Markus, excited to see him.

Thog goes on to say that he thought of a plan of sorts; having Dont open a Gate to the island where the shrine to Charoth is. Ashe pulls him aside, telling him that by herself, Dont's teleportation technique is extremely unreliable and leaves those that were teleported with injuries.

Kyl'il steps out of the portal, Ashe telling Thog that that's the spiritfolk that helped with the Gate. Thog asks Kyl'il whether it is possible to open one of these from one side, to which she responds that she'd need Dont's and another magic user's help and that it would take about a week. Thog says that doesn't seem so bad, but Kier speaks up, saying that they can't possibly wait that long. Gregor and Ashe agree with him.

Ashe elaborates on what he said, arguing that if they stay on the Isles for a week, they'll have to fend off the attacks of the ink monsters and they may lose more spiritfolk in the process. Also, by the time the gate is open, they'd be worn from the constant attacks and wouldn't be at their full strength when they reach the god. Dont doubts this, as it's the viewpoint of Kier. He steps through the Gate, upset.

Thog implores the three to at least be careful, since losing them would be losing a valuable asset to him. Gregor dismisses his worry, saying they can always come back via the bells. Kyl'il says that might not be so true in the Prison of Lights, telling them there may be a 'fate worse than death' awaiting them there.

Ashe approaches her, asking her for her name again, since they didn't learn it from Kyl'il herself, but Renether. The spiritfolk agrees to this and introduces herself, also apologising to Ashe for coming across as harsh. She explains most of the humans she's interacted with weren't very friendly. Ashe understands her situation and thanks her.

Kyl'il then says that the Light of Shrouds should be carried by a pure-hearted human; she suggests Gregor, who takes to the idea of the task immediately. Meanwhile, Markus bids a heartfelt goodbye to the two thugs.

They step through the Gate and find Kier still sitting there. Dont joins them on the bridge shortly afterwards and she suggests they take her along instead of Kier. Markus decides they'll let them both come along, which doesn't please either Kier or Dont. On Kinir, Kier punts her back through the portal.

They make their way to the Prison of Lights. Ashe addresses Markus, telling him that Kyl'il said to give the Light of Shrouds to Gregor, since he's considered a pure-hearted human. Markus obliges and they enter the Prison.

Trivia Edit

  • Narn also appears in this episode, sitting in front of the house where the Gate of Clouds is on Kinir. They are momentarily acknowledged by Markus and Ashe, but they don't question them. They nod back to Ashe when she nods to them.
  • Markus reaches level 5 in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Markus: "Remind me to show you my happy dance at some point, Gregor."

  • Gregor: "We've already got a plan."
  • Thog: "Yeah, that's great, Gregor. See, far in the north..."

  • Ashe: I hold out my arms so that he can see the many bruises. "This is what she did on her own."
  • GM: His eyes narrow. More. Somehow.

  • Kier: to Dont "You might hate me, and I might hate you, but you're family! Family that I hate seeing. I'm leaving!"

  • Thog: "And you already fired yourselves out of a cannon."
  • Ashe: "These two did."
  • Gregor: "Yeah we did!"

  • Kier: "Okay, Prison of Lights is this way, fine, Ashe. Fine."
  • Ashe: "I know where the Prison of Lights is!"
  • Kier: "Do you?"
  • Ashe: "Yes!" I pull out a map.
  • Kier: "Oh, yeah. You do." pauses "Bravo."
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