"Easy Problems for Difficult People"
Storyline Arc The Shrouded Isles (arc)
Number of EP 21
Date of Release May 6, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier, Orien
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Easy Problems for Difficult People" is the ninth episode of The Shrouded Isles (arc). The group finds and, after making sense of what they're saying, frees the innocent spiritfolk.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Orien leads the group to the Boundary of Strife, where the three spiritfolk are bound. Upon arrival, he realises they were imprisoned along with other two spiritfolk, who were bound for slaughter of humans.

Markus examines the bound spiritfolk, noticing a chain running around them. Orien tells him that's his own spell, a silencing one, and that removing it will not release them from the prison. Ashe asks him if it's possible to release the spiritfolk one by one, which he confirms.

With Gregor's help, Markus removes the chain and the voices of the spiritfolk are heard. The group can also see their outlines, coloured in different colours. The prisoners begin yelling at each other. Markus clears his throat, silencing them. The red spiritfolk asks him whether he's the new Warden. Markus explains they're here just to free the unjustly imprisoned, to which the spiritfolk says that he believes they all are.

However, the green spirit speaks up, warning not to trust the red one. Ashe sits down and begins writing what the spiritfolk say down. After some more talk, Green elaborates, saying Red is named Renether and that everything he says is a lie. He speaks fondly of the blue spiritfolk, saying that that one never lies.

Gregor and Markus interrogate the other spiritfolk while Ashe keeps writing it down. Yellow says Green is the most trustworthy individual they've ever met, while Purple is a liar. Purple says that Blue lies when he speaks negatively about someone, but tells the truth when saying positive things - also, that Yellow is a liar. Blue says Renether is trustworthy, but Purple is not. Renether adds that he would trust Purple and that Yellow always says the opposite of what he means.

Markus takes Ashe aside, asking for her help with this. Gregor joins them. They agree on freeing Renether for now, speculating that Green is probably among the justly imprisoned. Renether thanks them upon being freed, offering to stay around and give them any advice they may need.

Markus asks Ashe about who they should free next. She chooses Blue. Markus frees him, the spiritfolk thanking him and also staying around should they need advice. After a discussion about the next spiritfolk, they decide to free Purple. He also thanks them and floats away towards Blue and Renether.

Orien applauds the three, saying the way they dealt with this conundrum was interesting. He then gives Markus the old Warden's cloak, asking him to pass it to whoever might be worthy of being a Warden on Azhel. The cloak seems to increase Markus' arcane power when he puts it on. Orien bids them farewell afterwards and they all head back to Kinir, spiritfolk included.

Trivia Edit

  • KpH apparently stands for 'Kier per Homage'.

Quotes Edit

  • GM: As you touch and lift the chain, it melts away.
  • Markus: "Um.."
  • Gregor: "I didn't- I wasn't gripping it that hard!"
  • Markus: "You just don't know your own strength, Gregor."

  • Gregor: "And you, green." pauses "Very good."

  • Markus: "Sir Blue? Don't make me forget- regre-bl-" I slam dunk.

  • Ashe: I step closer. "Markus, I appreciate the attribution, but we're trying to prove that you are worth trusting."
  • Markus: clears throat "Of course! It was all in a day's work! Really. I can smell the veracity of these spirit's statements before they even say them!"
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