"Can't Quit When You're Just a Head"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Began
Number of EP 9
Date of Release Feb 5, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Buddy, Colfus, Varyndir, Sir Dunstan
Location Altreia
"Can't Quit When You're Just a Head" is the fifth episode of The Adventure Began. The trio reunite and find the head along with Colfus. However, they are approached by its guard that they must defeat.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Gregor, Ashe and Buddy, still at the trapped room's entrance. Gregor thinks of a plan; he organises the three of them into a line, with Buddy in the front, Ashe in the middle and Gregor himself, spinning his glaive to deflect any ricocheting darts, in the back. As they pass the runed stone that activated the trap, Ashe reaches out and touches it. The dart trap immediately deactivates and she stomps over to Markus and kicks him hard.

Gregor and Buddy follow her and they notice the man next to Markus. He introduces himself as Colfus. Ashe examines his wounds, noting they don't look fresh and after distracting Gregor, heals him with her abilities. She ignores Markus for the while. Colfus jumps to his feet along with his now-apparent huge backpack, feeling much better and says again that he's a paladin of Varyndir and heard from Markus the three are as well.

They continue talking about this for a while, Colfus stating it's exceptional they'd choose to actually complete the quest. Ashe sits down on Markus' back to prevent him from commenting on this. She gets up after talking for a while and asks him whether he's learnt his lesson, to which he responds by activating the other runed stone near him. The group hears something click and activate, but nothing else happens.

Colfus informs them that if they're after the skull of Varyndir, they have the same goal. They confirm this while he steps into the second room, activating some sort of piston-based trap. A mechanical arm, emerging from Colfus' giant backpack, braces the piston and leaves him unharmed. Gregor, interested, asks Colfus about it. He replies that was the arm of his own golem, and that he was always especially interested in golems of 'the Silk Age' - those that still had emotions. Gregor takes a peek into his backpack, seeing only a mess of clay and gears. Colfus states he isn't that proficient in golemancy yet, so his golem isn't 'sane' yet, but says he's getting close.

In the meantime, Ashe heals Markus, letting the charge run through him for longer than she needs to as a sort of punishment. They make their way to another room, Colfus informing them the traps only work if the runed stones are hit. The third room has a hole in the middle; the lot look down it for a short while, waiting to see if anything happens, before proceeding to the final room. It is a large, open room with many gory remains scattered about and pools of blood still present. Ashe asks Colfus to elaborate on the Silk Age golems, and he says that the suppression of emotions in golems has actually happened only recently and that Varyndir itself is the progenitor golem - all the current designs are based on it.

They find a bucket with 'do not disturb' written on it, a muffled voice can be heard from under it. Upon removing it, they behold the head of Varyndir, which immediately starts talking with a bubbly attitude. Ashe comments she expected it to be a bit more stoic, but is reminded by Colfus that Varyndir was broken into pieces in the first place because it was extremely annoying.

Markus comments on the fact there are two chests directly next to where Varyndir was placed - him and Gregor open them, discovering heaps of clay and Aeos potions, as well as vials of blood and some bones. Colfus explains the Silk Age golems had to be given more flesh so that they remain stable.

Varyndir asks if they're going to carry it out of the dungeon, which Markus confirms. It then mentions a Sir Dunstan, the General golem and inquires how they 'dealt with him'. It continues, explaining Sir Dunstan is a guard of it and that he was the one responsible for all the carnage in the room.

As if on cue, a golem leaps into the room, introducing himself as Sir Dunstan and drawing two blades, encouraging the group loudly to engage him in combat.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus reaches level 3 in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Gregor: "Okay, I've got a plan. Buddy, you take point. Ashe, you be the nougaty center. I'll get our backs."

  • Ashe: "How're you feeling, Markus?"
  • Markus: groans in pain

  • Markus: "Hey! Hey! Those people know how to party."
  • Ashe: I sit down on Markus' back.

  • Ashe: I glance in surprise at the hand emerging from his backpack.
  • Markus: weakly, laughing "Glad you're here to give us a hand, Colfus.."

  • Ashe: In the midst of Markus speaking, I mapped out some of the wound on his back, jam my fingers into all of them and a crackle runs through his body, and he convulses. For perhaps a bit longer than is necessary.
  • Gregor: I try to ignore the absolutely disgusting sounds coming from behind me.

  • Ashe: "Well..there's blood everywhere."
  • Colfus: "There's blood everywhere."
  • Gregor: "It's like a farm!"

  • Gregor: What types of remains are these?
  • GM: Uhh, slashed up, sliced and diced.
  • Gregor: I mean species.
  • GM: Slashed up, sliced and diced.

  • GM: Buddy is braced in the corner, head down-
  • Buddy: "They put it in a bucket. They put it in a bucket."

  • Varyndir: "So, how'd you deal with Sir Dunstan, the General golem?"
  • Markus: "Oh, Sir Dunstan was easy, we just didn't do anything. What is Sir Dunstan?"
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