"Boss Fountain"
Storyline Arc Dealing with Death
Number of EP 32
Date of Release Jul 22, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier
Location The Shrouded Isles

"Boss Fountain" is the third episode of Dealing with Death. The group finally sets off to Charoth's shrine, but they are engaged in combat by its summons on the way.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The morning after the night of merriment and stories, Gregor and Kier awake feeling nice and refreshed. Markus, on the other hand, suffers a painful hangover. He also has to be dragged from under the table and freed from the prison of blankets the two tucked him in by Ashe, who slept outside. She remarks Kier's heat-sapping fire has been going the whole night, so it's quite cold out there.

The group sits down around the water pool in the backyard of the bar and discusses the upcoming fight with Charoth. Ashe would like a plan to be formulated; Markus, remembering the Iconoclasm spell, informs the group that he has it as a back-up plan. In the end, all four of them agree to just figure it out on the way.

Kier leads the group to the shrine, which is to sit atop the Mountain of Sadness. They reach a graveyard at its base, finding a group of corrupted spiritfolk. One of them, has a cloak of blue, swirling energy around itself.

Eager, Gregor jumps into the fray; Ashe casts a protective spell on him. The attack of one of the inky creatures misses Gregor thanks to this. Markus throws an imp at the cloaked spiritfolk, which results in the poor imp's death.

Gregor is attacked again - the hit connects this time. Another one of the creatures throws a magic blast at Ashe, Markus and Kier, with Kier taking most of the damage. He throws a device to Gregor in an attempt to help. Unfortunately, Gregor drops it. Getting the idea of fighting the monsters as a ghost, he impales himself on his glaive.

Trivia Edit

  • On the way to Charoth's shrine, the group pass a bridge to one of the Fox-King's mansions - the shrine of the Weald. She is said to throw fabulous parties 'well over a thousand years ago' before leaving when the godslayers invaded.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: "Have you seen Kier or Markus around?"
  • Gregor: "Uh, Markus is metamorphizing under the table."

  • Ashe: "And I can't even say anything, because if I do, he'll just start pouting."
  • Kier: from far away "I won't deny that.."

  • GM: The creatures whirl around, sensing the presence of magic.
  • Markus: I shrug and stand? "Behold! Tis.. tis I."

  • Gregor: With all the skill and cunning of someone who isn't really paying attention, Gregor takes the hit.

  • Gregor: "I think I've got an idea!"
  • Ashe: "Let's see it!"
  • Gregor: I stab myself through the heart with my glaive.
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