"Behold the Humblecow"
Storyline Arc The Shrouded Isles (arc)
Number of EP 15
Date of Release Mar 25, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Dont
Location The Shrouded Isles
"Behold the Humblecow" is the third episode of The Shrouded Isles (arc). The group encounter a town of spiritfolk, plagued by ink monsters summoned by the sea monster.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The three find a cracked stone path inland and follow it, Ashe expressing concern over their surroundings. Gregor is dismissive, saying that they've already come back from the dead once. Ashe points out they don't know whether or not they can do it again.

They encounter a house and a woman with cat-like features steps out of it. She greets the group and introduces herself as Dont. She then tells them their 'human disguises' are great and asks them why it is they're outside of town. Ashe and Markus attempt to play along, asking her where the town is, but Gregor remembers that the island should be deserted. Confused, he asks Dont why she isn't dead and she gets suspicious and afraid, backing away from the group.

Markus handles the situation by hypnotizing her and throwing her a ball of yarn. She runs into a wall while chasing it and the group carry her to her house and tuck her into bed. Markus notices the pie that Dont has on a table and tries to take a slice, Ashe stopping him.

While the two argue, they notice someone is watching them through a crack in the door. The creature yells, alarmed, and sprints off. Ashe chases it unsuccessfully, Gregor running outside as well. Markus writes Dont a note in which he apologises for hypnotizing her and informs her he's taking half of her pie. He does so and follows after his two companions.

They come to a village of sorts and immediately see two creatures with paper masks on. Spotting them, the pair begins what their idea of a normal human conversation is. Markus, understanding the situation, walks up to them and tells them their masks are horrible, pretending he's partly a ram. One of the pair turns out to be the being that watched them in Dont's house, the other is a harpy. Markus introduces Ashe as an owl and Gregor as a humblecow and the two beings call out to the town, yelling that it's safe to come out now.

Multiple creatures similar to them come out of hiding, including a hooded bear-like being that greets the three. Suddenly, a roar rumbles the ground and an ink-like rain begins to create inky, shadowy blobs that have a vaguely humanoid form. The beings begin to run to their houses and the hooded creature tells the three they should hide as well, offering to take them to the community centre. They point out the rain is the sea monster's doing.

The group rests briefly in the centre and are informed that since nobody in the town can hurt the ink monsters, they hide and wait until one of them is taken away, which makes the rain disappear. Upon hearing yelling from outside, the three notice Dont running away from the monsters. Gregor runs out immediately, and attempts to get the monsters' attention unsuccessfully. Ashe and Markus run after him, the latter sending an Eldritch Blast after one of the inky shadows, wounding it. The monsters turn collectively, surprised, and leave Dont alone to pursue the trio instead.

Gregor tries to dispatch one of the shadows by cutting it, but his strike leaves no wound, so he retreats. Ashe summons a sword made of force and manages to shatter another of the monsters. The shadow furthest away from the group throws an explosive spell between Gregor and Markus. The flame disintegrates Markus. In the spirit world, he notices the monsters have spikes of red running through their bodies and sends an Eldritch Blast after one of them.

Back in the material world, Ashe and Gregor witness the same monster's head spontaneously exploding. The remaining two sprint after Markus' spirit - he manages to kill off another. Ashe empowers Gregor's blade, but it's Markus who gets the last monster as well. Markus then notices a bell similar to the one on the beach in the town and rings it. He rematerialises in the material realm and the group is reunited.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus reaches level 4 in this episode.
  • This is the first time Ashe has demonstrated her ability to summon spirit weapons.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: "Gregor, you're getting hung up on the fact that we came back to life once."
  • Gregor: "That's more than most people."

  • Ashe: "Let's not charge in head first. We should charge in Gregor first, but keep our wits about us."
  • Gregor: excited, quietly "Yeeeah."

  • Markus: "This one is an owl and he is a, uh, a humblecow."

  • Markus: "Dont! Run!"
  • GM: Still under the effects of hypnotism-
  • Markus: "No!- how?"

  • Gregor: The Leaping Lizard stance is not limited to just that! It allows me to make- another leap!

  • Gregor: "Are you making me able to kill ghosts?"
  • Ashe: long pause "Yeah. Yes, Gregor."
  • Gregor: "Sweet!"
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